Dragon Brush Set by Rogue And Rogue — $64

Specialty makeup brushes are all the rage right now, but if you’ve seen the mermaid brushes, the unicorn brushes, the rose brushes and the aquarium brushes and thought “it’s simply not black enough,” then this Dragon Brush set is for you… uh… your friend!

Booty Shorts by Blackcraft Cult — $38

You know Blackcraft Cult; you already know what’s going on. These booty shorts would make a great stocking stuffer for any Satan lover!

Spiked Jet Bottle by Bkr — $66

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Even goths need to stay hydrated, and friends don’t let friends drink out of plastic. Snag the Spiked Jet Essential Kit from Bkr for your goth cousin, goth neighbor, goth mailman, goth personal trainer, etc.

Lola Blanket by Memento Mori Goods — $75

For the goth who loves cats: That pretty much says it all. However, you should also check out Memento Mori’s enamel pins, which you can purchase with coffin-shaped pin backs. They’ve really thought of everything.

Dee Ceased Book Wallet by Killstar — $45

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Everyone needs a wallet, so why not give someone the coolest wallet ever?

Krampus Sweater by Middle Of Beyond — $79.99

Middle Of Beyond is one of our favorite indie shops, with festive holiday sweaters, scarves, ornaments, etc. of such classics as The Shining, Friday The 13th, Gremlins, Evil Dead, Alien, Elvira and so, so much more. But our pick for this list is obviously this devilish Krampus sweater, perfect for wearing to that family gathering you didn’t want to go to in the first place.

Custom Coffin Clutch by Better Off Dead Designs — $45

If your goth girlfriend is extra AF, you can order her a custom-made coffin clutch from Better Off Dead Designs, with your choice of crushed velvet lining and decals.

Vampire Fang Necklace by Leviticus Jewelry — $69

We’re not trying to start a South Park-esque debate about the difference between goth kids, vamp kids and emo kids, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want this sterling silver vampire fang necklace that really opens and closes?

Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Palette by Lunatick Cosmetic Labs — $35

Truly the only eyeshadow palette any goth needs is the Elvira palette from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, complete with the essential colors—red and black—in a coffin-shaped palette.

Tooth Fairy Cavity Rings by Purgatory Playthings — $45

If you’ve never wanted a ring with a human tooth on it, you’re not a real goth. Sorry, not sorry. (Don’t worry, the teeth are “ethically sourced.”)