6. Sarah Rafferty

Rafferty, who you might recognize from Suits or the Devil Wears Prada, looked beautiful in her navy colored dress. While we can’t say this is necessarily a goth look, those long sleeves paired with the veiled hat reminds us of a dress we’d pick out at Hot Topic circa early 2000s. 

7. Rick Hoffman

Another one of Markle’s Suits co-stars, Hoffman was the epitome of a dapper goth in his grey and black suit. Perfect for a wedding, or a funeral, we can't deny that this outfit is another pick that inspired our inner-goth. 

8. Princess Anne

Princess Anne gave us some serious goth-grandmother vibes in her maroonish red and fluorescent blue dress, and we can only hope to look that amazing one day. 

9. Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford

Okay, this may not scream goth to you, but it’s totally a gothic look if we’ve ever seen one. Could you imagine if Mulligan’s dress was black?! And really, who says you need an all-black outfit to be goth, anyway? Plus, Mumford’s tux is throwing some serious dark vibes. 

10. Sarah Ferguson

Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was one of the few guests to attend the wedding in an ensemble that was almost entirely black, and we’re obsessed. Dressed in a short black dress, with a pop of pink, the Duchess reminded us of someone who may have outgrown their goth roots yet they still know how to rock a mostly black outfit from time to time.