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Goth lemonade and black-as-your-soul ice cream cones might have seemed like the peak of the goth treat hype, but the truth is, the foodie world was just getting started. From spicing up your typical faves with activated charcoal—for the possible health benefits or just because it looks so damn pretty on Instagram—or infusing your go-to dessert with some serious blackberry flavor, there’s no shortage of ways to make your meal prep a little extra “goth.”

Hope you’re hungry—here are 11 goth recipes to try out ASAP.

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Dark-as-night buttermilk waffles


'Black is the new gold', she said. #savory #buttermilk #charcoalwaffles #waffles #idylliczing

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Nothing says “good morning” like a warm serving of waffles—or, in this case, goth waffles. Created with a dash of charcoal powder, even your dark heart might leap for joy when you give this recipe a go. XLBCR has shared a detailed recipe for the dark as night buttermilk waffles that are likely to become part of our go-to morning routine.

Anti-rainbow pretzels
goth pretzel grim grains

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While rainbow snacks may have a special space on your Insta feed, there’s nothing like a goth pretzel to stand out in a crowd—and as Grimgrains’ recipe explains, black does not just equate to burnt or rotten! While the prep time is a little bit longer (130 minutes to be exact), it might not be quick—but it will look (and taste) amazing.

Perfect-shade-of-black cupcakes
goth cupcake laura peill

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Not all dark-as-night recipes have to be solely charcoal-based. Food blogger Laura Peill proves that licorice root and flavoring, alongside activated charcoal, can create the perfect shade of black cupcakes. (Not a licorice fan? No worries—she says that the flavor is not overpowering.)

Goth ice cream


Finally; soft-serve to match your mood �� tag a friend! @little.damage #littledamage

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The newest dark treat bound to take over your summer is black ice cream, made with activated charcoal. If your warm weather wardrobe is as black as your soul, then this will be the perfect treat (and Instagram accessory). Shops like Little Damage Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles and Morgenstern's in NYC are serving up the goth-inspired dessert, and we’re hoping to get our hands on a cone ASAP.

Black-as-your-soul cheesecake

A true goth (and fruit lover) will appreciate this black-as-night cheesecake. Rather than using activated charcoal, the Instructables’ recipe instead relies on black food coloring to give the crust and cake its dark appearance. Similarly, the cream cheese itself is also given its eerie hue with the black food coloring. Create the blackberry mixture to pour on top, and ta-da—you’ve got yourself a dark-as-night cheesecake, aka your new favorite dessert.

Goth mac n’ cheese
goth mac n cheese
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Tastemade.com have turned your fave childhood meal into your new fave nightmare by creating a dark-as-night mac n’ cheese recipe that’s still cheesy—but also a goth dream.