Grayscale album ‘Nella Vita’ garners praise from Mayday Parade, others

Grayscale might have dropped the best album on this huge day.

September 6, 2019
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Grayscale has a new album out today and celebrities and fans are tweeting up a storm about it.

Nella Vita is 12 tracks of pure emotive dance-y energy and this sophomore album is sure to propel this band to much, much more.

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1. Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade loves it.

2. It’s really making people want to dance…

3. And do some other things.

4. Many think it’s Album of the Year material.

5. We mean it when we say “many.”


7. Some are claiming they saved music this year.

8. Some think they’re some sorta wizard band capable of magic.

9. Even fortune cookies are on their side.

10. They’re definitely growing musically.

11. They seem to have A LOT of friends.

12. Friends come first! That’s the bottom line!

13. At least they’re listening to other things too.

14. This person listened to two new albums today.

15. We’re just very happy people love Nella Vita


Written by Koltan Greenwood