My mom never strays from her '80's and country music genres. She's the type of parent that likes to be involved in her kids' lives but will still give you a questionable look when you blast Bring Me The Horizon in the car. I began to wonder what would happen if I exposed her to the music scene I've submerged myself in and decided to test her on how much she actually knew. 

She tried.

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The Vidalia Onions

Mariana's Trench Facebook

[Photo credit: Mariana's Trench/Facebook]

The Mariana's Trench frontman has a shirt that my mom swears looks like an onion bag. Why she went as far as to get specific on her onions, I'm not entirely sure. You gotta admire her precision though.

The Snarling Cat's Meow

Blood On The Dance Floor

According to my mom, this Blood On The Dance Floor snarl in combination with “that guy's whiskers” makes them The Snarling Cat's Meow.

The Wa-Wa Babies

Panic! At The Disco

“Awww they look like a bunch of babies!”

This old Panic! At The Disco photo brought out some definite mom-vibes. She went on about how cute they were, but once I told her the real band name she responded with “OH I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT ONE!”

The Mixed-Up Era

Fall Out Boy

“This looks like a throwback! That guy looks like a boy-band wannabe… and he looks like a Beatle… is that John Lennon?”

That's Fall Out Boy, mom.

The Haunted Pinheads


“Lord have mercy… do they work in a haunted house?!”

I don't think she'll be going to a Slipknot concert anytime soon.

The Flesh-Be-Gones


She's 100% positive Mushroomhead work in a haunted house because they have no flesh. 

The Thunder Rods


“I take it this is not a gospel group…”

No mom, Creeper is not a gospel group. She went on to compare them to the “Thunderbirds” in the movie Grease. Not entirely sure where the rod part came from…