The Studleys 

Black Veil Brides

“Look at all those studs! I wonder what their mamas think….”

Old school Black Veil Brides raised a lot of questions from my mom.

Family Attachments

Sleeping With Sirens

Apparently everyone in Sleeping With Sirens is related? At least according to my mom.

The Cavemaaaaaan Hard Bones


GWAR prompted a lot of questions, which somehow brought us to The Cavemaaaaan Hard Bones? I've stopped questioning her.

Pope Fiction Devils


Ghost might have to change their name, because I think I actually like this one?

Anti-Shower Man

Rob Zombie

“Does he play the didgeridoo?”

Yes, mom. Rob Zombie plays the didgeridoo.

Hidden Wanna-be

Hollywood Undead

“They hide their faces but they can still be whatever they want.”

My mom swears there's a hidden Mickey Mouse in this Hollywood Undead photo. I can't find it but I appreciate her enthusiasm.

The Whitey Tighties

All Time Low

“That one was easy!”

One Big Happy World

State Champs

Move over hardcore and metalcore, State Champs are taking over the Peace Corps.

Final score: 0/15

I'm giving her an A+ for effort and entertainment.

What other bands would you like to see my mom take a guess at? Give me those suggestions in the comments below!