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10 Halloween body jewelry pieces that’ll make you want a new piercing

Because we need to be spooky from head to toe this October.

October 21, 2020
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It’s finally Halloween season, and you already know we’re being as extra as possible. From decorating every inch of our house to only wearing black, we’re celebrating big this year and letting our freak flags fly by showing off our Halloween pride at all times.

That means our outfits, from head to toe, are on brand, including all of our accessories. And thanks to the internet, our online shopping habit is constantly fueled by amazing Halloween jewelry that we cannot stop lusting over. 

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We’ve found 10 of the best pieces of Halloween body jewelry so you can make all of your piercings extra spooky this year. You can check that out below. 

Skeleton hand nipple rings$13.99

[Photo via Etsy]

If you have your nipples pierced, you need to have Halloween-themed jewelry in 24/7 so anyone who sees them fully understands what you’re about. These skeleton hands are adorable and subtle enough to wear as your everyday jewelry, so why not? 

Spider tongue ring$8.99

[Photo via Body Candy]

This piece of jewelry makes us want to get a tongue piercing ASAP. This spider tongue ring is simple yet adorable and is sure to freak people out when you show it off to them. 

Three bats belly ring$13.99

bat ring halloween jewelry

[Photo via Etsy]

This belly ring is definitely not lowkey, as there are three bats hanging from it, but it’s the perfect accessory. You’ll want to figure out how to incorporate crop tops into your everyday fall wardrobe just so you can flaunt this. 

Black cat labret$6.98

[Photo via Tulsa Body Jewelry]

We don’t see any occasion where it isn’t appropriate to sport this tiny kitten on your face all day. In fact, it’ll make it even better to go about your daily routine. This is another great subtle option for someone who isn’t looking for anything too over the top but wants to be festive. 

Spider web septum ring$35 

[Photo via Etsy]

This gorgeous septum ring is as flattering as it is festive. Plus, it would be adorable paired with the spider tongue ring. If you go out wearing this, there’ll be no question about who the true king or queen of Halloween is. 

Skull nose ring with crystals$5.99

[Photo via Body Candy]

This skull nose ring would be cute on its own, but the creepy eyes made of Swarovski crystals just take it to the next level. It’s the perfect size nose ring that won’t be too big and uncomfortable on your face. People will definitely be able to see how cool it is up close, though. 

Grim reaper plugs$7.99

[Photo via Body Candy]

These plugs are our favorite on the list because they’re just so unique. While it’s easy to find pumpkins and skull jewelry, this is the perfect creepy item to set you apart. 

Glow-in-the-dark skeleton belly ring$7.98

[Photo via Tulsa Body Jewelry]

We probably already had you at glow in the dark. But if you need more convincing as to why you should buy this belly button ring, it’s a full-blown skeleton danging from your stomach. You cannot get more spooky than that. 

Witch nose stud$20-$25

[Photo via Etsy]

This nose stud is perfect for witches who don’t want people questioning whether or not they can put a spell on them. It’s adorable and would also look great as two stud earrings. 

Vampire fang nipple ring$20

[Photo via Etsy]

These aren’t for the faint of heart. But if you don’t mind wearing a pair of vampire fangs on your nipples, you absolutely need to buy these rings. If anything, they just show that you’re a true badass and no one should mess with you.

Written by Alex Darus