7. Mrs. Elrod

At the end of the original Halloween, Myers gets shot and is presumed dead. However, as you can assume by the plethora of sequels, Myers wasn’t actually killed. Halloween II picks up where the first left off as he wanders away from Strode and Dr. Loomis to continue his reign of terror. Myers enters a neighbor’s house, credited as Mrs. Elrod, and takes a knife from her cutting board as she talks to her sleeping husband. While Myers leaves a blood trail in the Elrod’s home, the elderly couple aren’t harmed.

In the new film, Myers leaves the gas station after obtaining his new jumpsuit and reclaiming his mask. He grabs a hammer from a shed before entering a house. Inside, a woman in a pink robe with curlers is preparing a sandwich on a cutting board. While the woman is credited as “Sandwich Woman” on IMDb, her attire and actions mimic that of Halloween II’s Mrs. Elrod. However, unfortunately for Sandwich Woman, she’s not nearly as lucky as Elrod.

Later in the film, Allyson is walking home with a friend, Oscar. They decide to take a shortcut through her neighbors’ backyards. They eventually split up, and Oscar sees a figure behind him. He assumes that figure is Mr. Elrod, and apologizes for being in his yard. But, as you can imagine, it was definitely not Mr. Elrod.

8. Season Of The Witch masks

halloween easter eggs references season of the witch masks
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Halloween III: Season Of The Witch is the only film in the series that Michael Myers doesn’t appear in (outside of a trailer cameo). The 1982 movie was an attempt to branch out into an anthology series centered around Halloween night, which was a flop given 1988’s The Return Of Michael Myers. The third film’s big bad is Silver Shamrock Novelties, a company that produces three latex masks: a witch, pumpkin and skeleton. While seemingly harmless, it’s revealed the masks are able to be detonated as a ritual to sacrifice children.

halloween easter eggs references season of the witch masks
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In the new film, Myers returns to terrorize the town of Haddonfield. Strode warns local trick-or-treaters of the terror, and they set off running. For a brief moment, viewers can see three children are wearing the infamous Season Of The Witch masks.

9. The sheet ghost prank

In the original film, Strode and her friend Annie are both babysitting neighborhood children. Their mutual friend Linda is out on a date with Bob, and they head to the house Annie is at to hook up. Once finished, Bob wanders off to get them both more beer—the prime example of breaking the horror movies “rules” that inspires Scream’s recitation of them. This is of course when Myers strikes, offing Bob by impaling him on the wall with his knife.

Myers then heads upstairs where Linda is waiting, covering himself with a sheet and Bob’s glasses. Linda thinks Bob is pranking her by dressing up as a ghost, which clearly is not the case.

halloween easter eggs references bob vicky ghost
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In the new film, Allyson has two friends, Vicky and Dave, who are dating. Vicky is babysitting, but Dave shows up once the kid, Julian, goes to bed. In the midst of them hooking up, Julian runs downstairs and claims he saw something. Vicky looks around his room to reassure him but is soon attacked by Myers. The masked maniac covers Vicky’s body with a ghost-inspired sheet much like he did to himself in the original. Dave is also impaled on the wall in a similar fashion as Bob.

10. Laurie Strode’s bedroom wall hat

In the first film, Strode returns home after school. She heads up to her room, reaches to close a window and sees Myers lurking behind hung laundry in her yard. Behind her on the wall is a wide-brim, straw hat—seemingly insignificant.

However, the same hat makes its way into the new film as Strode hugs her daughter, Karen. The hat once again hangs on Strode’s bedroom wall.

11. The final showdown

In the original film, Strode hides from Myers in a paneled closet. He finds her, but she fends him off and escapes from the room. Dr. Loomis appears and shoots Myers who falls out of the second-story window. However, the duo look outside and Myers is gone.

This showdown is mimicked again in Halloween: Resurrection as they fight on the roof of a hospital. Myers stabs Strode, throwing her off a roof, but this time, it seals her death (at least in the original timeline).

In the new movie, Laurie searches her home for Myers, eventually leading to a room with a paneled closet. Myers is nowhere to be found after she throws open the door. He appears from behind her, and they tussle, eventually ending up with her thrown out the second-story window. Myers peers below, but Strode is gone.

12. An explosive ending

Halloween II picks up where the first leaves off, with Strode being transported to the hospital. Myers obviously tracks her down, and it leads to another final showdown. Dr. Loomis appears, getting in the middle of their tussle. He stabs Loomis and then Laurie shoots him. As everyone is struggling, Loomis begins turning on oxygen tanks in the room they’re in. Strode helps open valves before making her way out of the room. Loomis strikes his lighter, setting off an explosion. Myers runs out engulfed in flames and collapses.

In the new film, Strode recovers from her roof tumble and corners Myers in her panic room. There, and throughout the rest of the house, she turns on gas. She explains to Allyson that her safehouse wasn’t a cage but rather a trap before tossing a flame into the room and igniting the house with Myers in it.