From Witch Baby Soap:

11. Witch’s Woods – $10

Witch Baby Soap Witch's Woods bath bomb

[Photo by: Witch Baby Soap]

Turning your water a shimmery forest green, this witchin’ bath bomb leaves your skin silky soft while the deep wood scent lingers even after your bath.

12. Oracle Bath Bomb – $10

witch baby soap oracle bath bomb

[Photo by: Witch Baby Soap]

This MASSIVE bath bomb comes in at an impressive 10 oz! Avocado oil and shea butter will leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturized.

From Loquita Bath And Body:

13. Zombie Brains Bath Dunker – $5

zombie brains bath dunker

[Photo by: Loquita Bath and Body]

This super fun bath bomb comes in a skull-shaped bucket and is scented with a wonderful sangria scent.

14. Chucky Bath Bomb – $7

loquita bath and body chucky bath bomb

[Photo by: Loquita Bath and Body]

Let Chucky terrorize your tub with this 2.25 oz bath bomb that is sure to give you nightmares.

15. El Lobo – $7

loquita bath and body el lobo bath bomb

[Photo by: Loquita Bath and Body]

You won’t have to wait for a full moon to enjoy this werewolf-inspired bath bomb.

From The Mad Bombers:

16. MEAT The Family – $8.55

MEAT The Family Bath Bomb The Mad Bombers

[Photo by: The Mad Bombers]

This The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bath bomb will turn your bathwater blood red while releasing an intoxicating leather and flower scent.

17. Happy Halloween Pumpkin – $7.65

the mad bombers pumpkin bath bomb

[Photo by: The Mad Bombers]

No Halloween is complete without a creepy grinning pumpkin, and this pumpkin pecan waffle scented bath bomb is the perfect must-have to finish up your Halloween.

18. Terrifying Take-Out Eyeball – $9

The Mad Bombers eyeball bath bomb

[Photo by: The Mad Bombers]

This eyeball bath bomb comes in it’s own take-out style container, and even has some creepy crawler surprises inside the bomb itself!

Which terrifying bath bomb will you be tossing in your tub this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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