[Photo by: Cindy Mendes] 

The long-awaited xXx Fanzine 1983-88: Hardcore & Punk In The Eighties is here—and it’s badass. Just take a look at some of the best photos from the book, below, along with captions from the author, Mike Gitter.

The book is described as “a portrait of music in motion—told through reprinted fanzine pages, hundreds of largely unseen photographs and over 100 then-and-now interviews from key movers including Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris and Milo Aukerman.”

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The project was nearly four years in the making between Gitter and Bridge Nine Records owner, Chris Wrenn.

xXx Fanzine 1983-88: Hardcore & Punk In The Eighties is available now, and you can order it here.


[Photo by: Claire Sutherland]

The Necros were early American hardcore’s ambassadors to the the Midwest, hooking up gigs for the likes of Black Flag, DOA and the Misfits. They also were a feral force unto themselves as seen here at The Club in Cambridge in August 1983.


[Photo by: Claire Sutherland]

Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig. Earth A.D. 1982. First Cambridge Congregational Church.


[Photo by: Cindy Mendes]

Milo’s back from college at The Living Room in Providence, Rhode Island in 1985. Who would have anticipated the pop-punk revolution that they would light the fuse for?


Black Flag
[Photo by: Cindy Mendes]

Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn, circa 1985. All muscle and mental at The Channel in Boston.


[Photo by: Paul Johnson]

Future Dag Nasty/ALL/Down By Law crooner, Dave Smalley, makes the heavy metal crossover with Beantown Straight Edge titans, DYS, in 1985.


[Photo by: CIndy Mendes]

Metallica: Summer 1983 at the Rat in Boston. Cliff Burton: humble, hungry and ready to take on the world. The world never knew what hit it!


minor threat
[Photo by: Paul Johnson]

Ian MacKaye screaming at more than a wall. June 1983 at The Channel, Boston, Massachusetts.


ss decontrol
[Photo by: Claire Sutherland]

Al Barile powers up a mighty riff for the Boston ‘Kids to Have Their Say’ in 1983 at The Channel, Boston, Massachusetts.


[Photo by: Cindy Mendes] 

H.R. from the Bad Brains at The Living Room in Providence, Rhode Island, 1986. “I Against I” was just out and no one needed to find Joseph I. He was front and center, backflips ‘n’ all.


corrosion of conformity
[Photo by: Lisa Putiguano]

Mike Dean takes a shot against conformity, technocracy and the hegemony in 1985.

xxx fanzine

xXx Fanzine is accompanied by 19-song compilation, Still Having Their Say. The record features covers of classic punk and hardcore songs by current musicians in the industy.

xXx Fanzine/Still Having Their Say compilation tracklist: 
1. Strife — “Who Are You?” (Void)
2. Done Dying — “Blending In” (Government Issue)
3. letlive — “Fix Me” (Black Flag)
4. Trial — “Money” (Embrace)
5. H2O — “Safe” (Dag Nasty)
6. Nomads — “How, When, Where/The Eliminator” (Crucifix/Agnostic Front)
7. Walter Schriefels — “Society Sucker” (Agnostic Front)
8. Tombs — “Kiss of Steel” (Samhain)
9. Voivod — “Man In The Trees” live with Danny Kubinski (Die Kreuzen)
10. AEGES — “Hungry Child” (Corrosion of Conformity)
11. Last Light — “A Wish To Dream” (Uniform Choice)
12. Jesse Leach — “Salad Days” (Minor Threat)
13. Fuck You Pay Me — “Religious Wars” (Subhumans)
14. Shai Hulud— “Raw Power” (Raw Power)
15. True Rivals — “Coolidge” (Descendents)
16. Fu Manchu— “When The Shit Hits The Fan” (Circle Jerks)
17. Gallows— “The Possibility of Life’s Destruction” (Discharge)
18. American Nightmare —  “It’s The Limit” (Cro-Mags)
19. Riverboat Gamblers — “Dicks Hate The Police” (Dicks)