Hardcore Brits Casey stream emotional new album—listen

February 13, 2017
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[Photo credit: Martyna Wisniewska]

The hardcore band Casey have been gaining popularity overseas and now in North America, especially now with their latest album via Hassle Records, Love Is Not Enough, available to stream here.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Casey have invested a variety of musical elements and emotion into the new album. The songs all have a cohesive theme of self-doubt and heartbreak, yet each are an individual art piece. Casey employ a mix of rythmic atmosphere, spoken word, hardcore guitar and more into the tracks garaunteed to move you and tell you a vivid story.

“Love Is Not Enough, for all those involved in it's writing, was an album produced out of necessity,” says vocalist Tom Weaver. “For me it came after years of failing to find a more productive solution to my mental health issues, for the band as a whole it was born from a frustration of not wanting to pigeon-hole ourselves, and not wanting to settle for the sake of a label.

“We were intent on being equal parts delicate and abrasive, wanting to be as cathartic as we did introspective. It's an album that each of us can be incredibly proud of, because it bares absolute resemblance to who we are as individuals, and that's what Casey is; no more than a sum of it's respective parts.”

Love Is Not Enough is available for purchase here. Check it out and the tour dates below:

Apr. 14—Vienna, AT @ Impericon Festival

Apr. 15—Leipzig, DE @ Impericon Festival  

Apr. 16—Nijmegen, NL @ Doornroosje *

Apr. 17—Manchester, UK @ Impericon Festival  

Apr. 19—Saarbrücken, DE @ Garage *

Apr. 20—Bologna, IT @ Kindergarten Club *

Apr. 21—Zürich, CH @ Impericon Festival  

Apr. 22—Oberhausen, DE @ Impericon Festival  

Apr. 23—Hamburg, DE @ Markthalle *

Apr. 24—Hannover, DE @ Faust *

Apr. 25—Poznań, PL @ U Bazyla *

Apr. 26—Budapest, HU @ Durer Kert *

Apr. 27—Schweinfurt, DE @ Stattbahnhof *

Jun. 10—Donnington Park, UK @ Download Festival

Aug. 18—Allstedt, DE @ Destruction Derby Festival

* w/ Thy Art Is Murder, Being As An Ocean, Miss May I

Written by Skye McEowen