Harry Potter Wizards Unite
[Photo via YouTube]

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, you’ve seen all the different ways that magic makes wizard and witches’ lives easier. It’s easy to want to disappear to J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world, where there’s seemingly a solution for everything.

Being a muggle is boring and difficult in comparison to the wizarding world. However, with the help of magic, it can be improved. We picked our favorite spells and potions that would make our muggle lives just so much easier and exciting.

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1. Lumos

OK, so we kind of have this on our phones already. On your Android, if you say “Hey Google” and then “Lumos,” you can activate your flashlight. Very cool. But we still can’t get over this classic Harry Potter spell. Plus, what if we lose our phones like silly muggles are prone to do?

2. Weasleys’ Patented Daydream Charm

Created by Fred and George Weasley for the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop, this charm-in-a-box was even banned by Hogwarts. The product causes the user to have vivid daydreams for up to 30 minutes. Side effects include drooling and a dazed expression, which is a fair price to pay for daydreams that wickedly cool.

3. Reparo

Can you think about how awesome this spell would be? Next time something of yours breaks, just get out your wand and mend it back together seamlessly. No more crying over spilled milk, broken glass, ripped band shirts or even broken computers.

4. Scourgify, The Scouring Charm

And speaking of things that would be better if they could just magically fix themselves, what about cleaning? Scourgify is a spell that magically cleans any surface, and you are lying if you think you don’t need that in your life. You can also use it to put soap in someone’s mouth, so really the possibilities are endless.

5. Undetectable Extension Charm

More fuel to the theory that Mary Poppins was a witch, but there’s a wizarding world spell that lets you extend your bag way past its physical limitations. How helpful would this be at concerts or plane rides? We don’t know if this changes the weight of the bag, though, which brings us to our next spell.

6. Feather-light Charm

The feather-light charm makes whatever you’re carrying as light as a feather. No more tweaked backs or struggling to lift heavy objects. Just this simple charm can change how you carry yourself and your bag.

7. Flying Charm

The flying charm is the secret to how brooms, magic carpets (and we’re guessing the Ford Anglia) can fly. Sure, you could want an authentic Harry Potter Firebolt to fly around on. Or you could just use the charm and enchant any object you want to fly. Flying skateboard? Why not.

8. Silencio, The Silencing Charm

Because we all want a little peace and quiet in our lives (especially after flying our skateboard around). The silencing charm can be used on any target to make them effectively silent. Great for annoying dogs that won’t stop barking or neighbors who won’t turn down their music.

9. Calming Draught

We imagine this draught would be exactly like inhaling the fumes of Bob Ross as he painted. This potion was mainly given to students having anxiety attacks about their exams or the ever present-threat of Lord Voldemort. (Y’know, normal teen things.)

10. Evanesco, The Vanishing Spell

This spell would vanish whatever you didn’t want to deal with. Homework? Poof, gone. Garbage? Nonexistent. Not only would this spell be immensely helpful for environmental purposes (bye-bye landfills), but it would make gross jobs way easier.

11. Tolipan Blemish Blitzer

Thank God, even wizards have acne. And just like us, they have different products to cure them. Whatever the case, we’re willing to try this over-the-counter potion that’s been around since 1907 for our acne troubles.

12. Crinus Muto

This is a transfiguration spell that can change the shape and color of your hair. Basically, you can get a haircut in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, you can play with the colors all you want without the hair salon prices. It’d take us a lot not to change our hair every single day.

13. Apparition

Imagine your life without having to take the bus or drive. It’s a wonderful life, isn’t it? Just snap your fingers and you’re there. In the world of Harry Potter, that’s exactly what happens. Sure, you still need a license to apparate, and there’s a chance you’ll lose a limb. But there’s that chance every time you get in the car anyway, so what’s the difference?

14. Felix Felicis

Imagine knowing for sure that you had luck on your side. That’s what it would be like to even have a sip of the potion known as Felix Felicis. We know what it did to Harry in the films. Not only did he get everything he sought after, he absolutely didn’t have a care in the world. We’d love to have that feeling, even for an hour.

15. Accio, The Summoning Charm

The Summoning Charm is the best charm that the wizarding world has to offer. OK, that might be an exaggeration. But imagine never having to run back for something. Forget where something is? Just summon it. It would solve all your problems.