9. Calming Draught

We imagine this draught would be exactly like inhaling the fumes of Bob Ross as he painted. This potion was mainly given to students having anxiety attacks about their exams or the ever present-threat of Lord Voldemort. (Y’know, normal teen things.)

10. Evanesco, The Vanishing Spell

This spell would vanish whatever you didn’t want to deal with. Homework? Poof, gone. Garbage? Nonexistent. Not only would this spell be immensely helpful for environmental purposes (bye-bye landfills), but it would make gross jobs way easier.

11. Tolipan Blemish Blitzer

Thank God, even wizards have acne. And just like us, they have different products to cure them. Whatever the case, we’re willing to try this over-the-counter potion that’s been around since 1907 for our acne troubles.

12. Crinus Muto

This is a transfiguration spell that can change the shape and color of your hair. Basically, you can get a haircut in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, you can play with the colors all you want without the hair salon prices. It’d take us a lot not to change our hair every single day.

13. Apparition

Imagine your life without having to take the bus or drive. It’s a wonderful life, isn’t it? Just snap your fingers and you’re there. In the world of Harry Potter, that’s exactly what happens. Sure, you still need a license to apparate, and there’s a chance you’ll lose a limb. But there’s that chance every time you get in the car anyway, so what’s the difference?

14. Felix Felicis

Imagine knowing for sure that you had luck on your side. That’s what it would be like to even have a sip of the potion known as Felix Felicis. We know what it did to Harry in the films. Not only did he get everything he sought after, he absolutely didn’t have a care in the world. We’d love to have that feeling, even for an hour.

15. Accio, The Summoning Charm

The Summoning Charm is the best charm that the wizarding world has to offer. OK, that might be an exaggeration. But imagine never having to run back for something. Forget where something is? Just summon it. It would solve all your problems.