First Avenue: Minneapolis, MN

There are spooky ghosts that are believed to haunt First Avenue, especially in one specific room, where DJs report hearing screams and growls over their headphones. The building used to be a bus depot, and it’s believed that a woman killed herself in the building while waiting for her boyfriend.

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The Chapel: San Francisco, CA

There’s a super creepy video of a girl appearing in the Chapel’s main room, just after the doors are locked. Granted, it’s just one instance and it could have been a real person (not a ghost), but it remains creepy enough to guess a haunting could be the cause.

House of Blues: Chicago, IL
house of blues chicago

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In the past, the building where the House of Blues currently resides was the location of a murder. The signs of the haunting are unclear, but anytime death looms in a building, tales of hauntings seem to follow. Again, murder = automatic haunting.

Ministry Houston: Houston, TX
ministry houston

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This venue is over a century old, and stories of hauntings have developed over the years. People have reported seeing ghosts in the building and also feeling icy spots in different locations.

Agora: Cleveland, OH

Cleveland’s Agora Theatre is massive, old and, according to many locals (and AP staffers), completely haunted. It also appeared in the list we made two years ago, and remains relevant to this day. There are lots of pictures online and testimonies about ghosts and orbs appearing all around the venue, and they even have special tours to show off its haunted past.

The Saltair: Salt Lake City, UT
the saltair salt lake city

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This venue is thought to be cursed due to the number of incidents that have destroyed the building time and time again. First opened in 1893, the Saltair has survived over the decades through three devastating fires and a flood. The exterior has obviously changed over the years, but the venue has always risen from the ashes.

Bobby Mackey’s: Wilder, KY

bobby mackeys KY
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Bobby Mackey’s plot of land was originally the site for a slaughterhouse in the 1850s. Some think that the basement was used for more sinister activities such as occult worship using animal and human sacrifices. After the slaughterhouse was torn down, a speakeasy and illegal gambling joint was built and run by the mob on the same site.

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