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After self-releasing their last few EPs, Hawthorne Heights will have Bad Frequenciestheir first full-length since 2013, out April 27 via Pure Noise Records. To celebrate, we are exclusively premiering “Pink Hearts,” the first single from the upcoming LP.

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The pop-rock jam starts out with a familiar line fans will know well: “You know you already kill me/You know you kill me well,” an obvious nod to “Ohio Is For Lovers” from 2004’s The Silence In Black And White. But don’t expect a 2004 throwback-model HH with this new song—it’s actually an upbeat track about growing up.

“If we try, we can stay young forever, but I'm not sure we actually want to,” singer/guitarist JT Woodruff says about the song. “‘Pink Hearts’ is about burning through relationships, because you are selfishly having fun when you are young. Eventually you have to wake up and grow up, and hope that you haven't cut someone too deep.”

The band wrote Bad Frequencies over the course of a year, which Woodruff says was their longest writing process as a band. “We played 170 shows in 2017, wrote every moment that we could, then demoed, then recorded an album,” he says. “I think we fit everything we possibly could in 365 days, and we are very proud of that.”

On signing with Pure Noise Records, the band shared in a statement, “We had been doing it ourselves for a few years, and while we love having all that freedom, we really thought that this was a great album to dive back into the label atmosphere. We've followed Pure Noise for years, and have always been impressed with how they release records, and the bands they choose to sign. We really believe Bad Frequencies is one of the best things that we've created as Hawthorne Heights, so we wanted to give it every possible chance at success. After a few conversations with Jake [Round, owner], we knew everything would come together quickly, and that it would be a fun project for both the band and the label.”

Check out “Pink Hearts” and if you like what you hear, you can preorder a copy of Bad Frequencies here. The band will hit the road with Listener, Hotel Books, Sienna Skies and Heavy Things starting in April. See a full list of dates below.

Bad Frequencies Track Listing:
1. In Gloom
2. Pink Hearts
3. Crimson Sand
4. The Perfect Way To Fall Apart
5. Just Another Ghost
6. Bad Frequencies
7. Skylark
8. Edge Of Town
9. Starlighter (Echo, Utah)
10. Push Me Away
11. The Suicide Mile
12. Straight Down The Line
13. Pills

Tour Dates: