Patty Walters, As It Is

I’m going to say Direction by the Starting Line. When we were writing Never Happy Ever After and we had some writer’s block, we did this thing called “Album Club” where we all just sat around in a circle and somebody would choose the record that we’d listen to and deconstruct and critique. And my contribution was Direction by the Starting Line because I think it’s not only a great record, but a brave record for a band in our scene and of that genre. I think it’s easy for pop punk and pop rock to be a very safe genre and to really get comfortable and write formulaic songs. And Direction by the Starting Line cannot be further from a safe record. 

Anthony Green, Circa Survive

For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver.

Brent Walsh, I The Mighty

In Defense Of The Genre by Say Anything. The double disc with guest vocals and 20-whatever songs, but there’s not a single track I skip. 

Eddie Hermida, Suicide Silence

Machine Head’s The Blackening really struck a chord with me. They’re from the Bay Area and so am I, and they gave me a lot of pride when they put that out, especially because so many people thought they were done at the time. 

Ben Barlow, Neck Deep

[Four Year Strong’s] Rise Or Die Trying was huge for me. [Paramore’s] Riot was also a really sick album.

Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens

I don’t remember much specifically about the year 2007, but I think the Used, Underoath, the Starting Line—that whole time in music for me was huge. 

Brian Sella, the Front Bottoms

I discovered an album by Defiance, Ohio called Share What Ya Got [2004] in 2007 and that was a big moment for me. That didn’t come out in 2007; I don’t know when it came out, but I found it in 2007.

Shane Told, Silverstein

I’m going with Gaslight Anthem, Sink Or Swim.

Tom May, the Menzingers

New Wave by Against Me!

Chadwick Johnson, Hundredth

I think for the majority of the year I was probably still listening to a record from 2006, which is Brand New’s The Devil And God. That year, I was listening to that, but my favorite record from that year is Boxer by the National. 

Tyler Ross, Being As An Ocean

My favorite music documentary ever came out in 2007. It’s called Heima, and it’s by a band called Sigur Rós. 

Justin Sane, ANTI-FLAG

Attack In Black released a great album called Marriage.

Machine Gun Kelly

What was 16-year-old Kells listening to? Fuck. Oh man, yes, I listened to that album like crazy—Stadium Arcadium for sure. John Frusciante has insane guitar licks on that—sick. Okay, I’m going with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Ash Costello, New Years Day

Oh, easy, AFI and My Chemical Romance. [AFI’s] transition from [2000’s] The Art Of Drowning to [2003’s] Sing The Sorrow, I’m sure we can all agree is what pushed them into the top tier of bands in the world, and they took a lot of chances on that album. Coming from The Art Of Drowning, which is very punk rock, to songs on Sing The Sorrow really they took a huge leap of faith and it really worked out for them. And then My Chemical Romance with [2004’s] Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and [2006’s] The Black Parade took a lot of bravery to do what they did, and obviously it paid off.