8. Sewer grates

Pennywise ruined sewers and red balloons. Getting your arm bitten off by a clown is a risk that runs too high now when it comes to sewers.

9. TVs

Horror movie directors and writers couldn’t leave the TV alone. Instead, ghosts and dead girls are crawling out of TV sets left and right in The Poltergeist and The Ring. We guess we’ll play it safe and just read instead.

10. Puppets

Puppets have always been a tad creepy, but the tricycle-riding Billy The Puppet from the Saw franchise really pushed it this time. If you grew up on Goosebumps, you may also remember the “Night Of The Living Dummy” episode featuring Slappy The Puppet.

11. Clapping, clicking

Clicks, claps, and cracks should be totally harmless and normal. However, movies such as Hereditary and The Conjuring took simple sounds and transformed them into the stuff of nightmares. On the bright side, all it takes to scare a squeamish friend is a tongue click.  

12. Prom

If prom wasn’t awkward and horrible enough, horror movie fans might be wary of the possibility of blood and murder thanks to Carrie and Prom Night. Getting blood on an expensive dress is pretty scary, too.

13. Children

Children are sticky, stinky and creepy as hell. In horror movies such as The Omen, Insidious, Orphan, Pet Sematary, Sinister, The Shining (the list goes on for miles), demons apparently love to make kids even creepier. P.S.: Why are the horror movie kids always maniacally cackling? That’s so rude

14. Showers

Showers should be a haven where you can sing without judgment and plan out all the chapters for your future memoir. Unfortunately, Psycho stole that away from us with the most iconic film stabbing in cinematic history. Also, The Grudge makes showers and children (see above) terrifying as hell. We might just walk through a cloud of perfume and call it a day.