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10 Hot Topic band shirts to add to your back to school list

Head back to school in style with shirts from some of favorites artists.

August 19, 2019
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As we’re making our fall tour plans and looking ahead to our favorite spooky time of year, it’s hard to overlook one major downer: It’s time to head back to school. Just because it’s time to hit the books again doesn’t mean you have to put your favorite artists on the backburner. Hot Topic is loaded with incredible band shirts to give your back to school look the edge it needs.

Check out some of our favorites below!

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1. Queen – $21.90


Hit home with the nostalgia by sporting a timeless Queen classic. The words “We will rock you” will be easily recognizable by your fellow classmates. You’ll probably be held responsible for getting the song stuck in their heads, but is that really a bad thing?

2. twenty one pilots $24.90

twenty one pilots hot topic

Your fellow classmates are bound to be talking about the viral Area 51 Facebook raid (I mean, who isn’t?). So why not use the opportunity to broaden their musical horizons with an alien-themed twenty one pilots shirt? We believe in Josh Dun, do you?

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3. Tool $21.90


With Tool releasing their first single and title track from their upcoming album Fear Inoculum, marking their first new song in 13 years, why would you not want to strut around like a proud fan? This design is inspired by their “Vicarious” video and makes the perfect addition to your band merch collection.

4. Slipknot $22.90

slipknot hot topic

OK, let’s be honest, who isn’t listening to the new Slipknot album? The band recently released We Are Not Your Kind meaning you have no excuse not to don this bright red beauty right here. Themed around their sixth studio album, the iconic Slipknot “S” logo is sported proudly on the back of the shirt.

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5. Billie Eilish $24.90

billie eilish

It’s hard to be considered the “bad guy” when you look this good. This Billie Eilish tee features an airbrush, anime-style with the artist’s name underneath. Make your music tastes known with this bright and bold T-shirt.

6. Grayscale $22.90


Add some pastel pop-punk to your back to school wardrobe with this Grayscale floral tee. Inspired by their recently released track “Painkiller Weather,” it’s the perfect dash of color to your all-black attire that supports one of your Fearless Records favs.

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7. YUNGBLUD $22.90

yungblud hot topic

This pink and black YUNGBLUD shirt features his debut full-length 21st Century Liability written on the back in white. Bond with your fellow “Underrated Youth” as you share your favorite YUNGBLUD tracks while donning your new favorite shirt.

8. Sleeping With Sirens $22.90

sleeping with sirens hot topic

Prepare yourself for school and one of the most highly anticipated album releases of the year with this new Sleeping With Sirens shirt. Their forthcoming album, How It Feels To Be Lost, is written under a glitch-style SWS design. 

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9. Simple Creatures $22.90

simple creatures hot topic

You can feel good and feel special with this fang-design Simple Creatures shirt. The design is inspired by the artwork for “Special,” and is the ideal shirt to wear why you watch the Alex Gaskarth Production music video during study hall. 

10. The Ghost Inside $22.90

the ghost inside hot topic

After rising from the ashes and putting on a mind-blowing “one night only” show, The Ghost Inside are your perfect inspiration to keep going despite the odds. Give yourself a constant reminder that you can do anything with this TGI logo T-shirt. 

Are you planning on sporting your favorite band’s merch on the first day of school? Sound off in the comments below!

Written by Whitney Shoemaker

Whitney is your definition of pop punk trash. If she's not jamming to State Champs or Grayscale, then she's probably out enjoying the finer things or working a show for Fearless Records as a Street Team Leader. She's a realist and an optimist, calling the city of Columbus her home. A huge fan of naps, Whitney often falls asleep in a city that doesn't. She's not hard to please, finding joy in discovering new bands or playing Everlong on the late night radio. Working at Alt Press and breaking ground in the music scene have always been a dream of hers, telling herself at an early age she was down for losing it all to make that happen! Now the weekend writer at AP, Whitney is prepared to be noticed and eager to contribute to the scene. If you catch her at a concert feel free to stick around, make small talk, or discuss her overuse of State Champs lyrics and song titles in her bio.