Syracuse, NY's How To Disappear Completely will release their debut album, Daughters Of Eve, come September 30. It's a big deal for the band—besides being their first, it might as well be their collective baby. Crowd funding be damned; The record was recorded DIY from start to finish in their very own WAAV Studios by frontman James Bailey, who also designed its artwork. Having already dealt with record labels in their past projects, the band opted to self-release Daughters, pressing a run of store-ready digipak CDs themselves.

Pre-orders are available on Amazon.

AP handpicked the soul-crushing, space-orbiting single “Fall Like Love” to premiere:

“It was written during one of those lonely times that people go through where I was recently single, heartbroken and trying to move on and it felt like the good ones kept sliding through my fingers,” explains Bailey. “Someone would spark an interest and it would gain some momentum and then the plug was pulled out of nowhere. It was either write a song about it or let it eat me alive as so much other stuff had. It was an honest moment where I caught myself with my guard down and let the truth out in its purest form, and it was hard to put it on the record for fear of being too vulnerable, but sometimes that's not as bad a thing as it seems.”

HTDC have previously released album opener “Salt Of The Earth” along with another track, “Closer To Me.”