You actually got to take that bust of yourself that you got chainsawed in half home with you, right?
Yeah, after the head was chainsawed, Jerry sewed it back up. So it looks even worse, if that’s even possible. The head was detached from the other side, and he sewed it back on, which caused it to have weird bulges, and it was not quite even. It just looks amazing. It’s down in my studio, and it is the centerpiece.

How did you get involved in this series in the first place?
I’ll try to make a long story short. You know the show Talking Dead that Chris Hardwick does?

So, initially, the Talking Dead thing, they asked me to be a part of that initial pilot. It was Chris, myself and another guy. Basically my job was that he sent me out as a field reporter for the webisodes. So my thing was that I was made up to be a zombie, I got to be a walker, and was part of this pilot that they put together for AMC. But they moved forward in that show only with Chris, so I didn’t get my gig as a field reporter. Which I was a little bummed about, but what was I going to do? And then not too long after that, Chris hit me up and said, “Hey, we’ve got this idea for a show on Nerdist, and we think you’d be perfect for it. So are you into it?” I said yeah, I would love to do something like that. And that is basically how Blood and Guts came to be.

We’re all music people here, and I think it’s pretty abundantly clear that metal and horror have always had a tie. But for you, what is that connecting point? How do you bring your love of horror into your music?
I don’t know. I don’t analyze it. But I’m sure somehow it influences me certainly because I’ve written songs based on Stephen King characters over the years. It’s not something that I really think about when I’m coming up with ideas for lyrics. Something may pop into my head and if I find a way to use it, I use it. It’s not something that I think about in advance. It’s not like I’m going to see a horror movie next week and go, “Oh, I’m writing a song about this.” That’s just not how it works. It’s just when I’m writing lyrics there’s a ton of shit in my brain and sometimes something will relate to something I’ve seen on the screen already and maybe I’ll find a way to use that. But other than that, I don’t really think about it.

It sounds like it is kind of a part of you. Like it has always been there.
Yeah. I mean so much of it is in my brain since I was a kid. From reading comics at the age of five and starting to watch horror movies on TV on Saturday mornings. It’s all in there.

You’ve mentioned films, novels and comics. What’s your favorite horror medium?
Probably books. For me, sitting down and reading is one of the most enjoyable things. And I read more good books than see good movies. And also you know, when a movie is made from a book, nine times out of 10, the book is better. So I’d have to say books. And I still get to read books. I don’t get to go to the movies all that often anymore. So I catch up on airplanes and on iTunes when I’m on tour. Reading is still something that I can do. But throughout my whole life, my introduction to all of this was comic books. I started reading Marvel and DC in the late ’60s, and that opened the door to anything that came after, so really for me, it all goes back to reading in the first place.

We are fittingly talking horror during the month of Halloween. Do you have any plans? Are you going to get together with your horror makeup friends and scare the hell out of anyone?
If I was going to some kind of party or event, I would ask one of these dudes to hook me up. But we aren’t really doing anything like that. My son has his awesome Hulk costume, and he’s all set. And he wants Daddy to be Iron Man, and I’m probably going to find one of those pre-made Iron Man costumes and tuck my beard underneath. But that’s the thing about my beard, you know, it kind of ruins most costumes. You can’t be a lot of things with this beard. It doesn’t look right. And so anything with a mask is good, and I can hide it. I would love to go to something completely unrecognizable and been made up by one of these pro dudes and really just blow people’s minds.

That would be so cool.
Yeah, I could be a real ringer at a contest and ask Joel Harlow to make me up again as something and just win every Halloween contest.

Every single Halloween contest known to man. They’re all yours.
When I was with Rick Baker and he was showing me all of these pictures of his kids made up for Halloween, I was like, “Your kids must win every time.” And he’s like, “Yeah, they’re not allowed to compete anymore in the competitions.”

Is there anything else you want to add about this season of the show or about the Nerdist channel?
I just think the show keeps getting better and better. My director, Jack [Bennett], and my [director of photography] on the show Justin [Cruse] are just awesome and super-creative. We’re doing something on the show with a shoestring budget, and it just looks amazing how we shoot it and what we do. And what’s also so cool is people in this industry just love to be a part of it. We are asking these people to do movie-quality effects for our little, tiny internet show on the Nerdist channel, and they are doing stuff that is essentially costing them money. It just shows you how people love to do what they do, and it goes to show you that it’s not all about money. It’s just been an amazing experience getting to work with all these guys. We are putting it all up on the screen for people to see. People are always asking, “Well, how much does this cost to download your show?” And I’m like, “It doesn’t cost anything!” You can download our show on the Nerdist channel or on YouTube or just Google “Scott Ian Blood And Guts.” People should just check it out. Even if you’re not into horror, I think it is just a cool show. It could open the door for you.

I know that on Sy Fy, they have Face Off. It’s a bigger-budget makeup show. You’re doing something that is just as cool.
Yeah, I haven’t seen that show, and I don’t know what they’re doing, but there isn’t much out there, certainly on the internet or TV that is doing what we are doing. I would love if a network would want it and pick this up and flesh this out into a solid 30-minute show once a week. We shoot so much. I can’t tell you how much footage. They have about seven to eight hours of footage that Jack every week has to narrow down to eight or nine minutes. And it would be amazing to bump it up to an actual 30-minute episode.

Well I hope you get to. I’d like to see that.
Yeah, you hear that TV networks?

When we promote this we will make sure to tag every TV network that has a Twitter account.
AMC needs content. Breaking Bad is off the air. C’mon. Blood And Guts. Pick it up. ALT