[Photos via YouTube]

The 2000s were an interesting time for hairstyles, especially in the alt/punk scene. People did some crazy things with hair dye, straighteners and hair gel that make us all glad a hairstyle is only temporary. Take a trip down memory lane with these 10 iconic hairstyles some of our favorite musicians rocked in the 2000s.

Liberty spikes — Benji Madden, GOOD CHARLOTTE

This spiky-hair look is every scene kid’s dream. It requires some precision—you have to get your hair to that perfect length where it’s long enough to make substantial spikes but not too long where it flops over. Then, you have to dump approximately three bottles of the stickiest hair gel you could find. Benji totally rocked this look in the “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” music video, and we’ve been jealous ever since.

Bright colors — Hayley Williams, PARAMORE

This queen was known for her bright red locks, which pair perfectly with her choppy bangs that seem to style themselves. Everyone wanted to have red hair as bright and eye-catching as hers, and tbh we still do.

The Bieber, but make it scene — Pete Wentz, FALL OUT BOY

Pete Wentz made Justin Bieber hair a thing before Bieber was even discovered. Wentz has rocked variations of this look—including red-streaked bangs in 2006—and we love them all equally. This style paired especially well with Wentz’s guyliner, making it necessary to add to this list of iconic looks.

Half curled, half straightened — AVRIL LAVIGNE

Don’t even deny you haven’t tried this look, whether it be on purpose or on accident. It actually takes a lot of work—you have to curl certain parts of your hair and straighten others, so two tools are required. No one rocked this do better than Avril Lavigne. This style lets people know that even though you tried that day, you really don’t care.

Greasy black hair — Gerard Way, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE

Nearly every emo kid has or has wanted to die their hair the blackest it could possibly be. Dark brown wasn’t good enough—it needs to be so black it’s almost blue and looks shiny wet. Gerard Way perfected this look and made everyone else jealous.