This November marks the release of new Pokèmon games Sun and Moon. That’s seven generations of Pokèmon! Since the ’90s, we’ve come to love Pokèmon of all different types—just like our metal. Metal comes in different styles and from many different backgrounds, so what would happen if we picked Pokèmon to represent those different sounds and backgrounds? Well, we gave it a shot and found 10 Pokèmon that embody their respective metal sub-genre

Thrash: Gyarados

Gyarados is a dragon of the sea that has the ability to create devastating whirlwinds and whirlpools to annihilate its enemies without mercy. This is a relentless Pokèmon, beating and speeding its way from the very beginning of battle (like Slayer's “Reign In Blood” as a Moebius loop).


Nu-Metal: Scizor

Scizor is a steel/bug type, so right there, you’ve got one hell of a fast creature to zip through and cut your opponent down with its metallic claws. With this Pokèmon flying by and buzzing about, you’ll be swatting back and forth wondering how the hell it has lasted this long. We bet Scizor is pumped for the new Korn album.


Stoner: Weezing

Does Weezing actually ever look happy? Do you see the smog erupting from its pores? How the hell does that not scream “stoner metal?” This floating, loathing, toxin-ridden being is the embodiment of hefty soul-crushing metal (that description is more than likely taken from an Electric Wizard song).


Black: Mismagius

How are we going to have a genre that is all about the underworld, ghosts and witchery, and go with anything other than a ghost Pokèmon? Mismagius starts off cute and small, but becomes a power to be reckoned with, bringing incredibly powerful ghost-type attacks that send your opponents somewhere into a cold dark corner. We heard that it’s a personal favorite from the guys in Abigail Williams.


Power: Dragonite

It’s a fuk’n dragon. Those bastards tore through skies, toppling castles and lighting shit up. Everyone in power metal loves dragons. Just ask Manowar.