Having played in Killswitch for more than a decade, how are you keeping it fresh for yourself?
We’re just pushing ourselves to keep it a little more aggressive this time. Trying not to fall into the whole, “We sound like this” kind of thing. The addition of Jesse is going to change things up a bunch, too. We haven’t made a record with him in 10 years. I think it’s definitely going to feel like a fresher record.

Where’s the aggression coming out?
We’re keeping a lot of fast songs on the record exactly that. I’ve always had that mentality of “love 'em and leave 'em.” Never leave room to bore the listener. Get on with your ideas and get on with the thrash!

Like the majority of past Killswitch records, you’re producing again this time around. What about doing it yourself is appealing as compared to working with someone?
It’s a bit more stressful for myself, but I think everybody’s really comfortable because we’re all friends and we keep it in-house. It feels a heck of a lot more DIY, and we’ve always been that kind of band. We’ve always been an anti-rock star and anti-industry band. We do it because we love it, not for the fame or the money. [Producing it ourselves] feels like it’s more our thing since we have control of it. I think a lot more bands should try to take that stance, to be honest. You shouldn’t just leave it up to someone in the industry to make it for you.

The record has been rumored to be titled Disarm The Descent. What can you say on the matter? Any news on a tentative release date?
That [album title] is not 100 percent [confirmed], but it has definitely been tossed around. We’re thinking about releasing early next year. Very early, like, right after the holidays.

With the return of Jesse Leach still on everyone’s mind, what do you think about the future of the band and where things are headed from here?
I know for a fact that we’re all stoked to be back doing this. We’ve had about two years off since Howard had to cool down, so we’ve been waiting to get back out and now that we’re doing it, we’re just so thankful. I always want to make sure I give my gratitude to all the fans and everybody waiting around and supporting us. It’s great to see us coming back and people still caring and coming out.