What will this new record represent in the Swingin’ Utters discography?
This is cementing that we’re back. Our last record wasn’t a fluke. I want people to know that we’re actually back and making records, touring, acting like a real band, like we never stopped. I know that we have a sound, but I like for all of our records to be a little different from one another, and this one is definitely different because of Jack’s [involvement]. It’s really cool because those songs don’t sound like anything we’ve ever done before so it’s exciting.

How has Jack Dalrymple changed the sound?
I don’t think there are any super-fast songs, which I guess would make it in vein of the last record, but the style of songwriting is different and the stuff that he’s doing right now is sort of new to him; it doesn’t sound like One Man Army or anything like that. There’s a lot of cool guitar stuff going on. There’s a country song and couple of songs that are acoustic. It’s kind of all over the place, which is how we like it.

There’s something about Fat Wreck Chords that has a family vibe, but there also seems to be this loyalty to the label. What’s your personal experience with the label?
It’s definitely got that whole family vibe and loyalty. A lot of bands have come and gone on Fat, but we’ve been on there since ’96, and No Use For A Name and Lagwagon have been on there since before we were on there. They give us a lot of freedom to do what we want. A lot of it is also that we’re personal friends with people from the label and that’s a huge thing because I can’t really imagine most bands seeing the owners of a big-ass major label socially.

As far as your career as a band, how would you say it’s turned out so far? There was a tribute album put out in 2010, so how did that make you feel?
[The tribute album] was super-flattering to me. That was amazing that anybody went through the effort to do that. When I think about it, I think we’ve accomplished a lot. We’ve toured the States and Europe a million times, we have a dozen CDs out and regardless of how successful you are to the general public, the fact that we’ve accomplished that much is huge. We’re lucky to have gotten as far as we have. I don’t tend to see things in a positive light ever, but I do think that we’ve accomplished a lot and to be around for as long as we have.