Have you considered which ones are going to be in the setlist?

I think as they develop a little bit farther we'll be able to get there and know exactly what we'll be doing live. For now, I could say that I definitely see where they're going and it's gonna be a hard decision.

You guys haven't played any live yet, right?

No, we definitely haven't.

These are fresh.


Did you guys bring in any special guests in for the record?

No, we kept it just us. I think we did that because we wanted to be as real to ourselves as possible.

If you listened to the last two records and then you immediately listened to In Currents, what sticks out as different to you? Do you think the growth between those records has multiplied over the years?

I definitely do. The thing that I think if you listen—you can definitely hear similarities in all of them. You can definitely hear how it's the same. I hear bits of really old school stuff and I hear bits of stuff that was on the last album with that direction we were headed. At this point, it's a really good mix of everything.

This reunionnot just the new albumbut the shows and recently announced tourit's all been in progress for a little while now, and it's starting to mirror the presence that the band once had. How has everyone's lifestyle adjusted to the transition at this point?

Well, I mean it's crazy. For me, I work in the studio all day and I've been around music and been touring and doing all that type of stuff. But you feel right now though, because it's how I've always wanted to do it. It feels cool. I think I transitioned pretty easily and I think you know, Jeff (Kummer) still works full-time and everybody still has jobs and lives their lives how they normally did pretty much the same way. We take our time to do this and we take our time to do our other stuff. That's what's keeping it so special to us right now. We know that it's something that we have to work for. You have to have the other stuff in our life and you have to stay busy with everything else, but when you do this you enjoy it, it's not just a job.

What else do you want fans to know about the record?

I would just say that for myself, I've never been so deep into something. Never felt so right about doing a record. I don't know, maybe it's just because I'm able to be producing it and doing it, but it really does feel good. I think the whole process and going through every single step, the appreciation for all of our fans and everything that has kept us going, not only that but just to come back and see everybody's reaction and all the support that we have, we're keeping all of that in mind.

I'm smart enough now to know that it's not just about where I want to go artistically, but it's also about the connection that we have with the people who take care of us. I think you will definitely see that on the album. It's something I've thought about it a lot.

Would you say it's your favorite thing you've ever worked on?