From thank you notes and apologies to tours that kicked-off, bands recording in the studio and even more incredible costumes (because we never get tired of Halloween), here are some of the best Instagram posts from artists this week you might've missed—or are worth a second glance.

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Lil Peep wore the best T-shirt ever


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Where do we get one of those?




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We're SO ready for Entertainment.

Tonight Alive's Jenna McDougall shared this dope fan art


Dope ✏️ @milensbzr

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Talented band + talented fans = ��

Dallon Weekes and IDKHBTFM rocked in NYC


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Wish we'd been there. 🙁

Kat Von D had the best apology


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All Time Low had the best throwback pic ever…


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Who else is looking up plane tickets for the ATL and Pierce The Veil UK tour?

And Andy Biersack had the cutest one


Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a fun and safe evening! Thanks again for sharing so many photos of your BVB themed costumes. It's always fun to see so many interpretations of the different “war paint” eras from over the years! Here's a little throwback of me doing my best @collinsworthpff impression on Halloween many years ago! Also, I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and excited about the @westtowerwarrior brand launch! I hope you guys dig the pieces and enjoy wearing them as much as I did designing the collection! And finally on a more somber note, I wanted to share my deepest condolences to those affected by the tragedy in lower manhattan today, my thoughts are with you in this time. ����

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Juliet Simms had some inspiring words

Thank you, Juliet!

Ash Costello melted everyone's heart with this message

We love you, Ash ❤️

State Champs' Ryan Scott Graham shared this amazing picture he took of With Confidence


this band will be huge soon, with confidence 2017 // #35mm

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UGH, but like, in a good way? It's too much for our hearts to handle.

Since, we're on that subject… With Con's Jayden Seeley probably listened to the Maine a lot this week


here's to now and to nothing else ��

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As one does.