[Pictured, L-R: Awsten Knight, Ash Costello, Remington Leith; Photos by: Awsten Knight/Instagram, Ash Costello/Instagram, Remington Leith/Instagram]

Sometimes, 24 hours is not enough to catch up on everything your favorite artists have been doing. That's where we come in and tell you—better yet, show you—what they've been up to this past week.

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​Here are some of the best Instagram stories musicians shared this week for you to see and rewatch forever.

Tonight Alive's Jenna McDougal celebrated Australia voting “yes” to same-sex marriage

[Photo by: Jenna McDougal/Instagram]


Joe Taylor shared this painful picture…

[Photo by: Joe Taylor/Instagram]

Can't even look.

…but it didn't stop Knuckle Puck to play an amazing show in Cleveland, with support of Jetty Bones

[Photo by: Knuckle Puck/Instagram]

Best way to spend a Friday night.

Against The Current's Chrissy Constanza proved she's a makeup artist, because no ordinary girl is that good with eyeliner

[Photo by: Chrissy Constanza/Instagram]


If you ever wondered what SWMRS do when they're not on tour, here it is:

[Photo by: SWMRS/Instagram]

Can we join?

Look at these gorgeous flowers Jeffree Star got for his birthday

[Photo by: Jefree Star/Instagram]

Jealous (but in a good way).

The Maine were in the studio with All Time Low's Rian Dawson, won Best Collaboration Ever

[Photo by: The Maine/Instagram]

How soon can we listen to these songs? Tomorrow?

Mark Hoppus is all of us when bored

[Photo by: Mark Hoppus/Instagram]

Same, Mark, same.

John Feldmann probably wanted us all to have nightmares

[Photo by: John Feldmann/Instagram]


Waterparks' Awsten Knight shared this pic of his new picks

[Photo by: Awsten Knight/Instagram]

Can't wait to catch one of those during the Entertainment tour.

William Beckett is just as obsessed with Steve Harrington as we are

[Photo by: William Beckett/Instagram]

William Beckett + Joe Kerry meeting? Please?