Strawberry Girls

Based in Salinas, this experimental rock trio continues the California trend. Guitarist Zachary Garren is actually a former member of post-hardcore act Dance Gavin Dance but has been making music with this band since 2010. The name is derived from a verse in the '80s song “Christine” by English post-punk band Siouxsie and the Banshees. 

Set and Setting

This quartet has a gorgeous and unexpectedly heavy sound, driven by powerful double bass drums and accented by explosive riffs. Of course, this is topped with a hint of trippy psychedelia that holds everything together. 


This instrumental electronic jam band has been around for quite some time. Formed in Indiana in 1999, they smoothly combine elements of rock, electronica, jazz, jam, hip-hop, funk and several more. Their live shows extraordinarily combine fascinating lights and sounds, and they often record their performances, just in case. Improvisation plays a major role in Lotus's style. 

Pray For Sound

Pray For Sound began as Bruce Malley's solo studio project in Boston at the end of 2011, using his severe ear complications as inspirations. Malley translated intensely emotional experiences into instrumental post-rock compositions and recruited four more musicians into the act. Their third album —Everything Is Beautiful — communicates the dichotomy of light and dark without the convenience of vocals and lyrics.


While their late 2016 album — Come To Mexico — can be slightly misleading, the Totorro boys are actually a group from Rennes, France. Their songs oftentimes start slow and quiet and build up toward euphoric post-rock magic. The senses of camraderie and friendship are very evident in their creatively goofy music videos. 

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