A few weeks ago, pop-punk upstarts Freshman 15 were kind enough to take fan questions via Facebook. Below, you can find bassist Davey Hoogerwerf’s answers. The band’s new album, Here’s To Feeling Good, is out now on Standby Records.

Atiya L.: They're still alive?
Davey Hoogerwerf: Actually, we've been resurrected. Missed you.

Jamie D.: Have you been whale watching?
Not yet. Sounds fun. We saw some dolphins once on the way to a casino in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Andreas K.: Davey, do you sing with your throat? My friend told me that, and I don’t really believe him.
He’ll sing with his vocal cords and diaphragm. Depending on whether the emotion of the song calls for head voice chest voice of falsetto is what determines where he'll specifically be singing from.

Tarvi K.: Where do you guys see yourself in the future and where did Mr. Fortner get his high vocals?
Ideally, we'd like to be one of the biggest bands of all time. Meaning, we need our fans to feel the same way. So let me answer your question with a question. Where do you see us in the future?

Also, he is a Eunuch. That's how he got that sexual soprano.
Sean L.: Are you guys gonna play in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts?
We have played Massachusetts a few times in the past and will definitely be there many more times to come!

Ryan F.: What three records inspire you the most?
Relient K, Mmhmm
blink-182, Enema Of The State
NOFX, Pump Up The Valuum

Blake B.: Who are your major influences?
Relient K, NOFX and blink-182

Adam R.: You guys all live in different states, if I'm not mistaken. How and when do you practice?
Yup! And you might think you have a tough commute, ha. Typically, we will get together about a week before tour and work out all the kinks.

Kaleigh L.: What were you guys like in high school? What are your favorite colors?
I'd like to say we were all popular, but it was more like we all had a well-known reputation among our school. Honestly, we're just how we are now. Nice, attractive, intelligent, etc.

Can't speak for everyone but my favorite color is white, followed by orange and blue.

Connor W.: How old are you guys? Into what genre do you see yourself fitting?
I, Davey H, am 23. Our lead singer Davey F[ortner] is 26. Leo [Teran] our drummer is 24 and our guitarist Mike [Baker] is 21. We see ourselves as pop-punk. Radio-friendly, with a good helping of punk.

Stefan T.: What is your guilty pleasure?
I love Pixie Lott. In fact, I'm don't even feel guilty about it. I'm proud. She writes great songs, has a wonderful voice and is an absolute ten!

Kev A.: When will you be coming to the U.K.? Love, an extremely disappointed U.K. fan.
The sooner the better. Spread the word!

Jarrod P.: First off, you guys kick ass and you're my favorite live band I've ever seen. The show my band Someone, Somewhere got to play with you was one of the most awesome nights of my life. Who are the bands you guys listened to that made you know you wanted to play pop-punk?
I think it's safe to say blink-182 was a huge one for all of us. For myself, I know Green Day and Bowling For Soup had a huge impact on my desires to be a musician in this genre.

Also, on a side note, we are actually touring with Bowling For Soup this April. So please go pick up your tickets from bowlingforsoup.com—and we will see you all soon! alt