How are you approaching this solo tour differently than your previous ones? What can fans expect this time at your shows?

This time around you can expect quite a few different things, mostly the people I will have on stage playing with me. I really spent the time to get overwhelmingly talented individuals on stage with me, each future stars of the music scene themselves. Young talent, lots more harmonies, vocals, ambient in-betweens, etc. A guest performer could end up helping me play my back catalogue, plus a few surprise songs maybe, and then could play an entire set by themselves and captivate the audience. So, together, we plan on giving the kids an overwhelming experience. One that they're sure not to forget. Also, they can say “I remember seeing them play with Craig on his solo tour in a super small venue.” Cred points right there! These people are the future of our scene, and I feel blessed to have them playing alongside of me. They will be announced one by one over the next few weeks. Hopefully by video.

Out of curiosity, you're famous for writing new music almost non-stop, so do you have any new tunes that fans can expect to hear over the upcoming months?

Absolutely. I've been hard at work writing everyday for the next record that I hope to go in and record this fall. Can I say what it's for? Nope. Kids like to talk, so I like to let them talk. When I'm ready to let the world know what it is, and more importantly, when I know EXACTLY what's coming, I'll share it. Until then, let rumors spread. I enjoy watching them from afar. If you have seen the campaign that was created for “Sex Life” then you know how I feel about rumors, and how quickly they spread. Can't beat 'em.. so why not use it to your advantage?

And with that in mind, if I didn't ask this I would be strung up by your fans, do you have any official statement regarding all of the Chiodos reunion rumors flying around?

I will be commenting on this sooner rather than later. PLEASE don't string him up!