Why are people so driven to be famous for its own sake? As someone who has achieved fame, what advice would you give to Score?
I would say: “Man, do something! Make something! Care about something!” I would point out that creation matters and fame for the sake of fame or fame for the sake of being an empty human being is worthless. What causes this thirst culturally is the media’s facilitation. It's all self-fulfilling and providing the forums where your average person can gain recognition through purely narcissistic acts and those forums being successful and growing because your average person reacts to it positively. Rather than looking at someone that has garnered fame by way of creating something or doing something positive, or by way of some sort of art form or talent, those people who desire attention for the sake of attention are saying, “Well. I used to have to make something, do something or work at something to achieve that. Now, I don't. Look at all these people that don't. Who just destroy themselves or make sex tapes. They're receiving the attention that I want; I'll just do that. Why not? I'll just have fame and fortune without doing anything. Why would I do otherwise?” What's the value of anything else when the majority of what is put in front of people is that type of celebrity? Even on a micro level: “Maybe I’m the most famous person on Instagram in Detroit, but I can break this worldwide if I make the right YouTube video! Maybe I should get bigger tits…”

Score is as much in search of fame as he is for meaning. Did you find meaning in performing and creating when you were his age?
There's such a disconnect between the youth that Score represents and my youth. I mean, the dividing line and the gap between people who are raised on social media and the internet and people who aren't is vast. It's stark. Beyond your average teenage growth and coming of age, if you will, I found deep meaning in so much when I was growing up. I went out of my way to discover more and more and find deeper meanings in those art forms that impacted me. Whether that be music, literature or film, all of those forms of art meant so much for me. They were little diamonds that had to be mined out of record stores that were miles away or from people who were older than me who had experienced what I hadn't experienced.

Who should play Score in the Pop Kids movie?
I don’t know! I think about that all the time! I want the new Zac Efron. That’s who I want. But I want him with [James] Franco or even Shia [LaBeouf]. I want the beautiful Disney boy and to have him fall apart. I was so thrilled when I saw Spring Breakers.

Your Twitter bio lists acting as one of the things you do. Obviously you were on Broadway. What else are you looking to do in that realm?
I would love to get back onstage on Broadway. I think because of the way I look and because I’m not classically trained, it really would be dependent on whether or not a show runs that allows for someone with tattoos or allows someone who sings the way I sing to be part of the show. My agent is waiting for that moment. I would love to get back onscreen. If we’re talking dreams, to be in a Wes Anderson, Coen Brothers or David Lynch film would be a dream come true. I would love to work with Marc Webb, too. I would love for him to direct me in a film since we’ve worked so much in video.

People don’t realize the director of 500 Days of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man used to do AFI, My Chemical Romance and Yellowcard music videos.
I would love to act with him in the [director’s] chair. He's probably busy with [the sequel to] Spider-Man. But all of that is something I would love to do. I'd love to be a voice of a cartoon in a Pixar or Disney film or Adventure Time.

You certainly have the voice for it. Okay, last question. I noticed there’s a great teaser video on afireinside.net that says “September 2013” at the end. I know the band have switched management and seems to be–
You’re breaking up on me. Your phone is breaking up, can’t hear you…

Aw, c’mon! Are we going to be talking about AFI in September?
I can’t hear you! You’re breaking up! No, okay, where’d you get that idea?

There’s a video on your website that says “September 2013.”
Whoa. No shit?

Are you seriously saying this video is news to you?
No. Well, kind of! I forgot about that part [with the month/year]. You know, I guess September will tell, my friend. [ALT]