It’s no secret that Black Veil Brides absolutely annihilated the competition in our 2013 Readers Poll. The results were not even close—the Brides pretty much cleaned house. The skewed results don’t exactly come as a surprise if you take into account the known devotion of the “BVB Army”—an overzealous devotion to say the least. (Sorry BVB fans, but “Andy Biersack” was not a proper response for Best Photographer.) What does come as a surprise, though, is the uproar of disappointment and backlash against Black Veil Brides (and sometimes AP) for their consecutive string of blowout victories.

People were pissed.

Where was all of this negative energy during the voting process? If people were so opposed to the Brides winning so many of our readers poll categories, they should’ve at least showed up to vote against the band. Better yet, they should’ve just put positive energy into voting and showing support for their favorite bands.

The notion that we gave the awards away is ridiculous enough (fans vote; fans choose; AP does not give anything). But people even went as far as to say the poll was rigged. I can assure you, the results were not rigged; they were manually counted, with care, by the thousands. (And what a lovely way to spend the holidays that was!) Besides, if we lived in some obscure world where a music magazine would rig its readers poll, don’t you think it would be rigged in favor of the band AP staff already selected as artist of the year? >>>