Islander My Friends
[Photo via YouTube]

Islander are gearing up for the release of their next full-length via Outerloop Records, bringing us a hard-hitting single, “My Friends” featuring Eric Vanlerberghe (of I Prevail) to hold us over.

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“‘My Friends’ is a fun song about the loyalty and integrity that comes with being a good friend,” frontman Mikey Carvajal explains. “I don’t believe friendship is to be taken lightly. This song is an anthem for anyone that would truly lay down their life for a friend.”

Check out the new track below:

Islander recently caused a stir on Warped Tour by damaging equipment and in turn being removed from the tour.

“During the last song of our set, I dove into the drum kit,” Carvajal says. “I didn’t even think about the fact that we were using a backline kit that didn’t belong to us.” Carvajal explains. “But I wanted to let you guys know this is no reason for you guys not to go and support all incredible bands.”

Even Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch responded with his opinion on the matter, sharing that Islander’s removal from the tour was “lame.”

“Band gets kicked off Alt/punk/hard core tour for being too wild? Not even a warning? WILD is what Vans Warped Tour has been all about for decades! L A M E,” he posted to Facebook.

Kevin Lyman responded to Welch’s comment, bringing up a question of his own.

“I would ask Brian ‘Head’ Welch, if an opening act trashed Korn‘s gear on stage, how long they would be kept on the tour? Just wondering.”

Keep an eye out for Islander’s full-length via Outerloop later this year.