[Photo by: New Line Cinema, @smnthataylor]

It’s Pennywise the clown is taking over the box office, sewer grates and our nightmares. Not to mention, those Pennywise-inspired makeup looks are scaring the shit out of us—but in the best way possible.

With Halloween just around the corner, we rounded up 11 Pennywise-inspired makeup looks so you can be the creepiest clown on the creepiest holiday. 

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Keep it classic

10/10 would scream.

The fake blood though…

I mean, that’s fake blood… Right? *gulp*

Or make it subtle

A subtle winged balloon is enough to bring the eerie, without totally scaring everyone away.

A dash of red around the eyes? Love it.

Take a beauty approach


Beep Beep Richie ���� #ITmovie

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We’ll admit it: These are scary, but also beautiful. (And that glittery approach is stunning—even if it is a bit eerie.)