[Photo by: Jake Holland/YouTube]

No one likes to be interrupted. It's considered rude and is a major pet peeve for most people, but how mad can you really be if you're interrupted by some badass metalcore? Jake Holland has interrupted tracks from some of your favorite artists such as Twenty One Pilots, Paramore and Panic! At The Disco to create some hilarious videos you can't help but watch over and over again.

From Christmas jams to today's pop hits, check out Holland's hilarious “Metalcore Interruptions” below!

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So who is starting the circle pit around the Christmas tree?

Something tells us we would NOT want to meet that Grinch in the pit…

These should never ever stop.

Never interrupt Paramore—unless it's with metalcore.

Think we can convince TOP to make a metalcore remix?

It definitely won't be a “Silent Night” with metalcore Michael BuBLEGH!

We're also hoping that when Vine makes its comeback we'll be seeing more of these gems.

What other songs would you like to see interrupted by metalcore? Let us know in the comments below!