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Jeffree Star went from Myspace royalty to Warped Tour vet to makeup mogul all in the span of a decade. With extensive life experience and his legion of loyal Jeffree Star Cosmetics fans by his side, Star has never been one to hold back.

Head below for 10 times he spoke the absolute truth on the internet.

1. On following your dreams.

2. On never having any idea where your phone is.

3. On Marilyn Manson

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4. On embracing the haters…

5. …and literally setting them on fire with James Charles.

6. On ignoring the judgement.

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7. On trust.

8. On self-care.

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Remember to always take care of yourself 💯

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9. On staying strong…

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10. …and not letting the haters win.

11. On channeling creativity.

12. On love.

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13. On earthquakes.

14. On Taco Bell being the superior fast food chain…

15. …and the best one to spill the tea over.

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16. On a true mood…

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Caption this mood…….. 🤡

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17. …and not giving a fuck.

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18. On being unbothered…

19. …like, super unbothered.

20. On always being yourself.

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Hi #2006, How Are Ya?? 🔥 13 years ago I was basically the only male wearing a full face of makeup on social media. I was told every single day that I was disgusting, a faggot, an embarrassment to my family.. All for wearing makeup and being MYSELF. I would have thoughts of giving up but kept going. The term ‘influencer’ wasn’t yet a thing and I was what TV & media called ‘Internet famous’ 🤡 I’m so thankful for my mom who raised me as a single parent, to always live my life authentically and she made me feel secure in playing with makeup at a young age and not knowing what it all meant at the time.. We have come a LONG way in the beauty industry, as a society but we still have so many fights ahead of us. Bring it on… 🌈💖 Photo by: @sanchezzalba

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More on Jeffree Star

Barbie better move over because there’s a new doll in town. Jeffree Star recently shared an incredible video of an incredible artist transforming a doll into an exact lookalike of the makeup guru.

Hextian (AKA Christian) took an Integrity Toys doll and transformed it into a miniature Star, all the way down to the tattoos.

Star’s makeup collection was even used to complete the doll’s transformation.

“Welcome back to my channel!” Hextian writes in the video’s bio. “Hi, how are ya?! It has been a minute since my last doll, and today I present you Jeffree Star!”

The bio continues, “He really is a unique androgynous being, and I think that representation is pretty vital for the LGBTQ community. He has such a huge following coming from the Myspace music era to his beauty empire that most people would know who Jeffree is. I love his make up, especially his highlighters, so why not turn him into a doll!”

The video even includes a beautiful tribute to Star’s dog Diamond, who recently passed away. You can check out the tutorial here.

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