[Photo by: Ebru Yildiz]

Juiceboxxx: It's a name that's hard to forget — especially after you listen to his upcoming LP Freaked Out American Loser, streaming exclusively on AP ahead of its July 28 release. 

This punk rapper from Milwaukee merges punk rock and rap so seamlessly, the end result is different yet familiar, polished yet effortless, and from start to finish, a nearly 30-minute banger. You won't want to stop.

Listen to Freaked Out American Loser:

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And if you are reminded of the Beastie Boys, while listening to Freaked Out American Loser, then Juiceboxxx succeeded.

“I'm looking at Beastie Boys as the Ramones or something and trying to build on that language,” he says, “looking at Public Enemy within the lens of punk rock.” We'll cosign that.

Freaked Out American Loser is my attempt to make a really concise, high-energy punk-rap record,” Juiceboxxx says. “I wanted to talk about the insane, confusing life that I have lived over the past decade and build on the language of my heroes. I wanted to make an honest record with some real nerve that speaks to the eternal basement freakout energy that has forever kept me going. Beyond anything else, I wanted to prove that we are all losers, but it's OK. Fuck everything, just keep going.”


Freaked Out American Loser drops July 28. You can pre-order here. Keep up with Juiceboxxx on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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