In this year’s APMAs commemorative issue, Kellin Quinn’s father Eddie Bostwick looks back on his first time seeing a Sleeping With Sirens show. He compares that show to the stature of their live performance today.

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You can read an excerpt from Bostwick’s message below. Our APMAs issue is on sale now. Quinn is nominated for Best Vocalist at this year’s APMAs, guitarist Jack Fowler is up for Best Guitarist, Sleeping With Sirens are up for Best Band and their latest record, Madness, is up for Album Of The Year. Purchase your ticket(s) now!

“The progression has been amazing. We first saw [Sleeping With Sirens] at a venue in Phoenix and I recall that day pretty vividly because that was the first time we’d seen them actually perform with the full band. [They were] one of eight bands there. They were in a six- or eight-passenger van. They slept in that van, they got ready in bathrooms. That’s where I think all new bands have to start. From that experience to seeing his concerts last year, it’s just night and day. It’s unbelievable. They are polished, they’re driving to be better than they are. They never stop working on their craft.”

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