Californian quartet Keyes are set to release a 7-inch split with Wearing Thin on April 15.

The band recently signed to Tragic Hero Records. 

The post-hardcore outfit teamed up with AltPress to bring you an exclusive premiere of the track “Sewing Circle” from the record.

“'Sewing Circle' was an older song that we had revisited a few times. It finally came to a fruition we were happy with once in the studio with Casey Bates,” vocalist and guitarist Kyle Allen says. “Siding with Tommy [LaCombe] and the rest of Tragic Hero was an obvious step in a forward direction for Keyes. He [LaCombe] has treated us as friends from the beginning and we couldn't be happier to work with someone that we'd proudly call our friend.”

The album featuring Keyes and Wearing Thin in digital and vinyl formats is available for pre-order now.

Stream the new track below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

If you dig it, you can catch Keyes and Wearing Thin on tour on the following dates:

4/7 – Tempe, AZ
4/8 – Las Vegas, NV
4/9 – San Diego, CA
4/10 – La Puente, CA
4/11 – Stockton, CA
4/12 – Chico, CA
4/13 – Portland, OR
4/15 – Provo, UT