11 times bands invited kids on stage, and it was the cutest


At 13, Matty Healy was pulled onstage by Green Day, an experience the future the 1975 singer later called his “defining moment” in becoming a musician.

Mike Dirnt was f*cking there,” Healy says to Spin. “I jumped up, and he put his bass on me…10,000 people in f*cking Newcastle Arena!”

There’s no doubt joining your favorite band onstage at a young age is life-changing. There’s also no doubt it’s absolutely adorable for everyone watching. That being said, we’ve rounded up 10 times kids joined bands onstage, and it was simply the cutest.

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1. Green Day

This tiny kid now-famously shreds through two-thirds of Green Day’s nine-minute epic “Jesus Of Suburbia,” deservingly amassing over 2.5 million views on YouTube since the concert in 2009.

2. Twenty One Pilots

If you need something to brighten your day, look no further. Tyler Joseph was joined by this adorable little fellow onstage at what looks to be a stripped-down Twenty One Pilots performance. Be prepared: As soon as Joseph plops the toddler on his shoulders, your heart will melt.

3. Blink-182

During soundcheck, this 13-year-old destroyed drums on Blink-182’s lead California single, “Bored To Death.”

He did so well that Blink-182 brought him onstage again later that night—after the crowd literally wouldn’t leave when the concert finished.

4. Knocked Loose

This unbearably cute Warped Tour story broke last weekend. Knocked Loose invited 7-year-old future rock star Luna onstage for guest vocals on “Counting Worms.”

5. Gojira

Late last year, 12-year-old Riley “Steelface” Lee made headlines for hopping onstage with Gojira during soundcheck to take over drums on “Vacuity.”