“Ride” — Twenty One Pilots

Not only did these kids cover one of TOP's radio hits, they even made their own music video, featuring some of the youngest members of the Skeleton Clique.

“Holiday” — Green Day

These three brothers (ages between 6 and 11) already have all of the tools necessary to play music on their own. They've definitely got potential to make it onto our band siblings lists.

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“Dead Memories” — Slipknot

Almost hard to believe that the Slipknot crowd is expanding this much. This young girl even designed her own custom mask, but we wouldn't advise this fan to go to a Slipknot show by herself.

“Crawling” — Linkin Park

Bringing it back to 2000 nu metal, this kid is a straight-up badass! The song that greatly contributed to Linkin Park's popularity was released way before this kid was even born.

“King For A Day” — Pierce The Veil feat. Kellin Quinn

And of course, how can we forget our favorite young harmonizing screamers? The dynamic between these two boys is similar to the friendship between Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn!

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