“Let's drive around town holding hands” — “ILYSB”


Let's drive around town, holding hands��

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Perfect for car pictures with a special someone. Bonus points if hand-holding is actually captured, making the lyric real life.

“Mad cool in all my clothes” “ILYSB”


Mad cool in all my clothes, mad warm when you get close to me ��

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#OOTD, duh. Shamelessly show off a look you put together or a new outfit you’re dying over.

This feels like, like the calm before the storm” — “13”

Gloomy, but elegantly moody, pre-rain pictures (dark skies, calm water, empty streets, etc.) can be paired with this line from “13.”

“I'm selfless, drunk on you/What more could I do?”“Good Girls”

Whether it’s a candid or a plandid, a photo of you or a friend smiling, laughing or drinking, can be described in this one line. 

“Pancakes, champagne, 15 away, it's almost 2”“Pancakes”

Ditch the basic and overused breakfast or brunch-themed captions (i.e.: But first, brunch” or “Brunch is always a good idea” — ugh, eyeroll) for some LANY lyrics.

“Cloud nine times nine my mind when I'm gone with you” “Pancakes”


Cloud nine times nine my mind when I'm gone with you

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A killer pic of the clouds in the sky would be fitting, of course, but this line would also work super well on a cute photo of you and with your bae — the lyric caption will make them melt.

“Pacing through the back of my mind/Maybe you've been a storm all this time”  “Hericane”


Pacing through the back of my mind Maybe you've been a storm all this time ��

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You could take this line literally and photograph a storm (hello, pretty lightning shots or close-ups of flowers with rain drops on them) or have a post-storm photoshoot in puddles, as seen above.

What’s your favorite LANY lyric?