“Set this silence free/To wash away the worst of me”

The Linkin Park album that amalgamated everything they’d done before, LIVING THINGS felt like the organic progression everything had been leading to. With “In My Remains,” the sparkle of electronica that leads to a more rock-based chorus only serves as a canvas for the honest lyricism Bennington brings out in the hook.

“Not Alone” (Not Alone – Single, 2010)

“You are not unknown/You are not alone”

OK, so this was technically released as a single, but it also was a part of the charity compilation Download to Donate for Haiti (2011), so it may have passed you by. Either way, it’s a track that needs far more loving. Another lighter take on their classic nü-metal origins, the slow burn throughout aims to reinforce the idea that “you are not alone” — both fitting for the worthy cause and relatable for the wider world.  

“The Messenger”  (A Thousand Suns, 2010)

“When life leaves us blind/Love keeps us kind”

The acoustic guitar and Bennington’s raw vocals reach new levels of emotive in “The Messenger.” Add in that a quiet piano line and it’s hard not to break down while listening to it, knowing someone, somewhere, understands you.

“By Myself” (Hybrid Theory, 2000)

“I ask why/But in my mind/I find I can’t rely on myself”

It would be wrong not to include a cut from the album that thrust Linkin Park into everybody’s consciousness. “By Myself,” the soundtrack for the downtrodden, found even more brutality and understanding. Edging far more toward the metal side of nü-metal, the level of fight it brings out goes beyond inspirational.

“Halfway Right” (One More Light, 2017)

“All you said to do was slow down/But I was already gone”

It’s only right to end with one of the most divisive Linkin Park albums and a track that screams retrospective from Bennington’s point of view, which deals with his past and looking back at who he once was. This simple act that we’re all guilty of doing is incredibly relatable here, especially with such a pop-based soundtrack where everything is constructed to make you melt and succumb to such a natural feeling.

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