7. “By Myself”

A brute of a track, “By Myself” deals with similar themes as “Crawling.” Genius user Josiah Botting interprets it as being about “a person with no self-confidence, as well as a drug problem. Both of these were issues that Chester Bennington faced throughout his lifetime.”

8. “In The End”

Easily the biggest Linkin Park track, going by the tour numbers, and sales (2,555,000 as of 2014), it’s a signature that’s synonymous with that Linkin Park nü-metal sound. The slow piano intro, which leads to the dramatic story they tell, is as famous as the chorus itself. Of the track, Mike Shinoda revealed in the liner notes of the LP Underground 11 CD, “I remember putting this together in our rehearsal studio on Hollywood and Vine, working overnight in a room with no windows. I had no idea what time of day it was; I just slept when I was tired, and worked on this song until it took shape. The first guy to hear it was Rob, who told me (I'm paraphrasing) that this was ‘exactly the kind of song he wanted us to write.’”

9. “A Place For My Head”

There’s something particularly haunting about the riff that welcomes this track. Coupled with the striking drum beats and scratches, it holds a threatening level until the chorus hits—which was perfectly melodic in a way that only Linkin Park can achieve. “I want to be with the energy/Not with the enemy” refers to Bennington’s wanting “to be in a more emotionally, mentally and psychologically positive place, instead of being unhappy somewhere that just sucks up his energy,” according to Genius user RocheCoach.

10. “Forgotten”

The way “Forgotten” kicks in, taking no prisoners, is the epitome of Linkin Park’s attitude. Genius user Anthony Rienzo explains: “I feel like he is truly trying to remember or interpret a memory or dream. But everytime he comes close to remembering/interpreting this memory or dream, he loses his grip and gets consumed by the darkness all around.”

11.  “Cure For The Itch”

Although it’s a somewhat instrumental track, save for the spoken word moments, it’s Hanh’s time to shine, really cementing the nü-metal flavors Linkin Park are known for. Genius user Spencersky also notes that the song’s title plays on the DJ scratching throughout. Clever!

12. “Pushing Me Away”

A finale that pretty much sums up the album before it, both musically and lyrically. The song  deals with the familiar theme of recognizing that someone you’re trying to count on is unhealthy and they’re ultimately testing you—which pushes you away. As the final song fades out, no one could’ve expected the everlasting legacy these 12 tracks would create.