Check out 13 goth emojis we wish were real.
Photo via Tumblr

Let’s face it: There is a huge lack of goth emojis that allow us to express ourselves fully through texts and Snapchats. You might be quick to think of the dead flower or the skull emoji, but those just aren’t enough to cut it. Here are 13 goth emojis we wish existed.

  1. Black lipstick

This one is easy because the emoji already exists; they just need to add better colors than a basic red shade. Black would definitely be our first choice, and while they’re at it, they might as well add a black kiss print emoji.

  1. Every emoji of couples, but put them in all-black outfits

This is another way to put a goth spin on plain emojis. Every emoji of people holding hands just needs to be fitted in some black skinny jeans and a My Chemical Romance shirt, and they would be perfect.

  1. Black cat

Yes, there might already be an orange cat featured in the emoji bank, but we’d like a little black furry friend as well. Don’t even try to deny that it wouldn’t be in your “frequently used” section at all times.

  1. Flaming eyes on a face

For when you want to watch the world burn.

  1. A hand with black nail polish

People have made edits of this on the internet so often that it seems like it already exists, but sadly, it does not. That needs to change so we can show off our diva side and our punk side at the same time.

  1. Combat boots

The only thing close to this that already exists is a high-knee light brown boot, which is definitely not goth enough.

  1. The eyeball, but with a lot of eyeliner

Because more is better.