10 things you need to check out if you are goth and on the go
[Photo by: Grichels, Rebels Refinery, FiMachine]

Who says that you can’t be goth while going on your morning jog to the bank? Not all of us can sit inside and peruse the internet for the world’s lightest shade of foundation all day. Some of us have day jobs, Karen. Here are 10 things that you need to check out if you are a sporty goth on the go.

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  1. This very goth, very creepy earbud case from Grichels ($42.00)

From handmade leather shop Grichels, this adorably creepy earbud case is perfect for goths who don’t have time to wrestle with their headphones. Conveniently enough, the case also has a loop, so you can hang the spacious pouch from your backpack.

  1. This spiderweb fanny pack from FiMachine ($60.00)

Being hands-free is in, folks. This vegan spiderweb fanny pack can also be converted into a regular bag or a crossbody.

  1. This spooky water bottle from CafePress will keep you hydrated ($14.95)


rock-bone2-T Stainless Water Bottle 1.0L


This bad boy is stainless steel, eco friendly and, most importantly, goth as hell.

  1. Beetlejuice lunch box from Hot Topic ($13.52)

For that nine-to-five job that doesn’t give you a full-hour lunch break.

  1. This relatable makeup bag from ResilienceStreetwear ($7.95)

There are two things goths love: makeup and the color black. Often those two things are interchangeable.

  1. Tarot card leggings from DevilWalking ($49.99)

These tarot card leggings are perfect for your morning jog and your nightly seance.

  1. This coffin-shaped poison ring from TheParlorApothecary ($38.00)

Just think of what you could put inside this tiny little ring: your daily meds, a nice word of encouragement, anything but actual poison!

  1. These Frankenstein and Bride Of Frankenstein travel mugs from LennyMud ($36.00)

Keep your coffee hot and your aesthetic macabre as ever.

  1. Travel size all-black toothbrush from AllBlack ($5.00)

Now they just need to start making charcoal whiteners in travel size, and you will be set for all of your emo endeavors.

  1. Skull lip balm from Rebels Refinery ($5.99)

Because we all know that matte black lipstick dries out your lips almost beyond repair.