11 amazing signs and T-shirts fans have made for concerts

One of the easiest ways to get noticed at a concert is by holding up a funny sign or wearing an awesome band T-shirt while in the crowd.

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When people finally get to see one of their favorite bands live, it’s pretty normal to go all out and make signs or T-shirts because it’s part of the experience. Here are 11 T-shirts and signs spotted at concerts that were too cool, or too funny, not to share.

  1. These 5 Seconds Of Summer superfans were not afraid to let everyone else know their feelings about being around people.


2. This little boy needed to let everyone know who his idol is at a Twenty One Pilots concert.

  1. These All Time Low fans challenged a 5SOS member about his fandom.


  1. This amazing shirt for the Maine’s concert that we are mad we didn’t think of first.


5. This person had a front row spot at a Panic! At The Disco show, and challenged Brendon Urie.


6. This amazing Fall Out Boy shirt that we definitely need in our lives.


7. This person’s first concert was a Palaye Royale show, and they had to let everyone know, including the band.


8. Someone got a prom date thanks to a Mayday Parade concert, so go them.


9. A tie-dye blink-182 shirt that is pretty much to die for.


10. These Paramore fans that really wanted to get the attention of Hayley Williams


11. OK even though this one isn’t technically a concert sign, this person had an hour-by-hour countdown for a My Chemical Romance show in 2007. That dedication was enough to get them a spot on this list.