6. Riding In Vans With Boys

Punk band Kut U Up, known for their chaotic live shows, were thrown into the deep end: a pop-punk giants tour featuring Blink-182, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World. This documentary chronicles the madness that ensued.

7. Heart Like A Hand Grenade

While this one has been released, it’s a prime example of good things coming to those who wait. Documenting the recording of what is undoubtedly one of Green Day’s biggest albums, 2004’s American Idiot, it was granted a wider release in 2015—six years after its first, and only, initial screening in 2009. Watch the trailer here.

8. Believe In What You Want

Sometimes, hidden away on that DVD or deluxe edition of an album, you’ll find some treasure. Take, for example, this tidy little gift on Jimmy Eat World’s concert film, Believe In What You Want. Tucked away in the special features, you can find a documentary chronicling the making of their monster album, Bleed American, including footage of the band recording.

9. Color Me Obsessed

If you haven’t heard of the Replacements, then let some of the band’s biggest fans—including members of Hüsker Dü and the Gaslight Anthem—tell you about why they should be your new favorite band. It’s a unique take on a band that is a keystone to the punk we know and love today.

10.Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

One of the most influential, yet unrecognized, bands in popular music, Big Star, and their infamous leading man, Alex Chilton, are at the center of this warts-and-all documentary. This documentary needs to have a much wider audience because it shows the effect of being so-close-yet-so-far to success can have on bands.

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