For seven-piece Driver Friendly, sometimes the biggest challenge is keeping things simple, which is something they feel like they achieved with “Run,” the song they say sets the tone of their upcoming EP, Peaks + Valleys.

“Something we are always trying to do with seven people in the band is simplify things musically so the best parts stick out to the listener, but are never boring or overused, and we feel we really accomplished that with this song,” vocalist Tyler Welsh told AP.

A recurring lyrical metaphor Driver Friendly have found themselves exploring is that of the bridge, one they picked up on again for “Run.”

“'Run' is a response to the world where it's easy to get caught in things that drag people down, to get entrenched in the negativity people put out,” Welsh said. “We refuse to accept this viewpoint and look to build up rather than tear down. We're going to build a bridge to the other side, and we'd like you to join us.”

See the lyric video here first, below! 

Oh, and, they also divulged to us that the song had some unlikely inspiration behind it. “Believe it or not the vocal melody was inspired by listening to a lot of Katy Perry.”

Peaks + Valleys is out June 4 via Hopeless Records and is now available to preorder.