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We all love looking up the lyrics to our favorite songs, whether it’s to memorize them or analyze them. Genius allows fans, bands and artists to annotate lyrics to our favorite songs. Here are some of your favorite lyrics explained by fans (and Panic! At The Disco themselves).

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Brand New — “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot”

LYRICS: “You are the smell before the rain/You are the blood in my veins”

WHAT IT MEANS: The smell that accompanies rain is called petrichor. This word is constructed from the Greek petra, meaning stone, and ichor, the fluid that flows through the veins of gods. This girl is the reason why he is special. When she is with him he is a god amongst men. Without her Jesse is just any ordinary mortal. (submitted by swirlee)

Fall Out Boy — “Uma Thurman”

LYRICS: “Take me down the line/In Gem City we turn the tide”

WHAT IT MEANS: Although multiple locales have taken on the moniker “Gem City,” this is most likely a reference to Quincy, Illinois. Fall Out Boy originally hails from Wilmette, Illinois, and have played in Quincy numerous times. (submitted by DaveHowell, MorganMagrid and MrXercules)

Panic! At The Disco — “Emperor's New Clothes”

LYRICS: “Welcome to the end of eras/Ice has melted back to life/Done my time and served my sentence”

WHAT IT MEANS: This is a 100 percent autobiographical track. There’s a piece of me that I can put in the past now. I’m jumping forward as a new character, as a new artist, that’s what I’m talking about: taking it all back for myself. (submitted by Panic! At The Disco)

Paramore — “26”

LYRICS: “And I’ve been chasing after dreamers in the clouds/After all wasn’t I the one who said/To keep your feet on the ground/Man, you really brought me back down”

WHAT IT MEANS: A call back to “Brick By Boring Brick” from 2009’s Brand New Eyes, which features the line: “Keep your feet on the ground when your head’s in the clouds.” Both examples convey the idea of chasing after one’s hopes and dreams while staying rational and realistic by keeping your feet on the ground—as they may not be perceived as achievable. You might be setting yourself up for disappointment if you don’t keep yourself grounded.

“Brick By Boring Brick,” it comes across more like a word of advice or warning, whereas here it sounds like she’s admonishing herself for getting caught up in the same thing she had been cautious of—or perhaps for being the person to bring someone down, as she now realizes how that feels. (submitted by TildeBreak and Obscure)

Trophy Eyes — “Heaven Sent”

LYRICS: “So damn smart and interesting/Don’t say that you weren’t warned/I’m so dangerous”

WHAT IT MEANS: The singer ends the song with a snarky part of the post-chorus. He calls himself smart and interesting and points out that the romantic partner was warned of the danger in dating him, then somewhat devilishly ends the song with the self-aware “I’m so dangerous.” You can almost hear his smirk. (submitted by camson)